Anonymous hacked printers ‘All Across Russia’ to print out anti-propaganda messages

Anonymous says it’s hacked into unsecured printers across Russia in order to print out ‘anti-propaganda’ messages about the Ukrainian invasion.

A member of the collective, whose Twitter handle is @DepaixPorteur, tweeted: “We have been printing anti-propaganda and tor installation instructions to printers all over [Russia] for 2 hours, and printed 100,000+ copies so far. 15 people working on this op as we speak.”

@DepaixPorteur told International Business Times: “We hacked printers all across Russia and printed this PDF explaining that Putin/Kremlin/Russian media is lying and then we instructed how to install Tor and get around their censorship to access real media.”

The member also tweeted: “We’re currently launching a printer attack on 156 [Russian] printers. Already over 40,000+ copies.”

A Google Lens translation of the doc read: “Citizens of Russia, act now to stop terrorist[s]. Putin killing over thousands in Ukraine.”

It also says that ‘the people of Russia should find horror in Putin’s actions.

The statement suggests that Putin started the war because of ‘borders and fear of the West,’ and not over Ukraine.

The last paragraph notes: “A wad of paper and ink is a cheap price for the blood of the innocent.”

The documents also encourage Russians to fight for ‘heritage and honor, overthrow Putin’s corrupt system that steals from your pocket’.

Last week (15 May), Anonymous claimed it had taken out Russia’s national security agency as part of its ongoing efforts against Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine. 

Via Twitter, the hacking group wrote: “Russian sites under attack [Tango Down],” the latter statement relating to military slang meaning an enemy has been defeated in combat. 

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