Cameyo joins Chrome Enterprise Recommended Program

Virtual App Delivery has become a very hot topic over the past couple of years as thousands have shifted to a remote or hybrid workflow. For many businesses, the shift to Chrome OS and the Chrome Enterprise Platform means finding a way to embrace Google’s cloud-centric services while still being able to access legacy Windows applications from anywhere. That’s where app virtualization comes into play. Companies like VMware and Citrix make this possible by delivering a virtualized Windows desktop that can be accessed from any browser and that gives enterprise clients a lot of flexibility for their respective hybrid workers.


Cameyo, on the other hand, takes a different path to the virtualization solution by giving users direct access to virtualized Windows applications without the need for full-blown, resource-heavy Windows Desktops. Instead, users can quickly access admin-installed applications on the web via the Cameyo dashboard. This makes the delivery and execution of the applications more streamlined and user-friendly.

To make the platform even more flexible, Cameyo offers a variety of application hosting options from fully hosted by Cameyo to self-hosting via your company’s infrastructure or you can host via your business’s cloud service like Google Cloud, Azure, or AWS. This creates a very powerful stop-gap for enterprises looking to shift to the cloud without tearing off the proverbial bandaid that is the removal of legacy applications.

Microsoft Windows is just an app. Hybrid and remote work have highlighted the complexity of legacy desktop delivery and revealed the value of alternative device, application, data and security strategies.

Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group

Today’s news brings Cameyo into Google’s Chrome Enterprise Platform with the announcement that the virtual app delivery service is now a recommended partner for Chrome Enterprise clients. Cameyo does much more than just delivering applications to cloud-connected clients. Since the company’s birth, security has been at the heart of every product Cameyo produces. This is reflected in the delivery of Cameyo’s services. Below, you can see the various methods used by the Cameyo platform to ensure a secure, sandboxed user experience with each and every virtualization session.


  • Cameyo automatically ensures all HTTP, HTTPS, and RDP server ports are closed with its PortShield technology
  • Cameyo does not require on-prem customers to open their firewall to inbound Internet traffic, thanks to its Secure Cloud Tunneling technology 
  • Cameyo eliminates the need for VPNs with its NoVPN technology

Cameyo CMO Robb Henshaw explained to me that the PortShield technology ensures that the only ports open during sessions are the ones actively being used. The technology continually scans for open ports to prevent unauthorized access to the virtualized applications or devices being used. Cameyo also touts that the NoVPN technology completely removes the need for a VPN when accessing the platform’s services.

The icing on the cake comes in the form of Cameyo’s pricing. When compared to full-fledged remote desktop solutions, clients have reported as much as 85% savings when making the switch to Cameyo.

Just looking at the month-to-month cost compared to our previous remote desktop solution, with Cameyo and Chrome OS we are paying only 15% of what we used to pay. But then on top of that 85% savings, we also no longer need windows clients, so we save even more money there. 

Adam Nerell, Head of IT for Klarahill

This news makes Cameyo one of only three recommended virtualization partners for Chrome Enterprise and the only one that offers per-application delivery without the need for a Windows Desktop. To find out if Cameyo could work for your company, you can request a free trial here. I’ve tried this out and I can say that setup is quick and easy. I was able to set up my dashboard, install some applications and start using them in under ten minutes. That’s quite impressive.

About Cameyo

Cameyo is the secure Virtual Application Delivery (VAD) platform for any Digital Workspace. Cameyo provides a secure, simple, flexible, and cost-effective cloud desktop solution for delivering all your apps – legacy Windows, internal web, and SaaS – to any device from the browser without the need for legacy Virtual Desktops or VPNs. By enabling organizations to provide their people with secure access to the business-critical apps they need to stay productive from anywhere, Cameyo helps make remote & hybrid work, work.

Cameyo is a Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution, and hundreds of enterprises and organizations across all industries utilize Cameyo to deliver business-critical applications to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. As of February 2021, Cameyo has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +83 with zero detractors – 100% of responding customers would recommend Cameyo to their peers. To learn more, visit

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