Elon Musk Can’t Wait to See Disney Lose an Iconic Character

Elon Musk has reappeared on Twitter, the platform the billionaire CEO of electric-vehicle producer Tesla  (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc. Report uses to weigh in on issues that he considers important and for which he wants to mobilize public support.

One of his favorite subjects is copyrights for original works. In mid-May, the serial entrepreneur took a stand on the debate over protection of authors’ and creators’ rights and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which addresses the issues between copyright and the internet. 


Is Cryptocurrency Really an Investment for the Long Term?

Nearly $1 billion was lost to cryptocurrency scams from the the start of 2021 through the end of March 2022, according to a May report from the Federal Trade Commission. Incidentally, May was when Luna Classic effectively crashed to zero in a matter of days, erasing a market capitalization that had once exceeded $40 billion.

Bad actors and crashes are why the cryptocurrency sector is often ridiculed by investors. It’s viewed as a place for get-rich-quick speculators, not serious capital allocators.

Much of the criticism is fair. However, in some select cases, I believe cryptocurrency can really be a viable long-term investment. But first you’ll want to understand the difference between cryptocurrencies and tokens. Here’s why.

Investing in digital currencies

In my opinion, cryptocurrencies can be thrown into two buckets. One bucket is digital currency. The other is the token bucket.

The distinguishing factor between these two buckets is purpose. Bitcoin (BTC 3.92%) is meant to be used as a method of payment. The same is true for alternatives to Bitcoin like Dogecoin (DOGE 1.57%). Their purpose is to facilitate financial transactions, even though people more frequently “hodl” these coins instead of use them as money.

The investment thesis for a digital currency is conceptually no different from the one behind foreign exchange (forex) trading. If you believe the Japanese yen is going to outperform the U.S. dollar, for example, you can exchange dollars for yen and wait for it to happen.

The same is true with Bitcoin. You can use it to buy something — in those limited places where it’s accepted — just as you can buy things with yen. But if you’re investing in Bitcoin, then you’re expecting it to outperform the dollar. 

At the most basic level, the value of any cryptocurrency is derived the same way. If demand is greater than supply, then the price goes up. And this is why Bitcoin is my digital currency investment of choice. There can only ever be 21 million Bitcoins — the supply is a well-known factor here. And if any digital currency is going to have broad demand, I believe Bitcoin has the greatest chance.

This is partly due to the strength of the Bitcoin network. Miners have computers for processing transactions. This computing power is measured with something called the hash rate. As of this writing, the total hash rate of the Bitcoin network is about 213 million tera-hashes per second (TH/s) — the most computing power of any cryptocurrency and up more than double from this time last year. In short, Bitcoin has the most computers backing it, making it the most stable and secure (in theory).

With these strengths, I could see Bitcoin continuing to receive a lot of demand.

Investing in tokens

By contrast, tokens have use cases other than as a medium of exchange. Take Theta Network as an example here. Theta aims to use blockchain technologies to provide a decentralized content delivery network like Fastly or Cloudflare, decentralized web hosting like Amazon and Alphabet, and more. Theta (THETA 3.09%) is the governance token, whereas Theta Fuel (TFUEL 1.74%) is the utility or gas token.

I think Theta Network is a really great idea. However, I’m not convinced Theta Fuel would be a good long-term investment. Theta Fuel has 7% to 9% annual inflation. This new Theta Fuel is created to pay nodes for keeping the network running. Users buy Theta Fuel and then spend it to use Theta’s services — if you’re going to upload a video, for example, you’d spend Theta Fuel to get nodes to host it.

It’s hard enough to create demand for Theta in the first place. Getting enough demand to offset the impact of token inflation is even harder. But then again, Theta Fuel isn’t designed to go up in value necessarily. It’s designed to buy use of the network. Imagine if the token’s value soared to the stratosphere. It might become cost prohibitive to actually use it. That would be counterproductive and hurt long-term adoption.

Every cryptocurrency has different elements controlling supply and incentivizing demand — tokenomics. Understanding how the tokenomics work is a completely different exercise from simply understanding what the crypto project does. 

Why it matters

Distinguishing between digital currencies and tokens is important because investors will want to look at different factors in each case. With something like Theta, you’ll want to see more nodes joining the network so it can deliver the faster internet speeds it promises. By contrast, with Bitcoin, you’ll probably want to see growth in wallets rather than miners. Bitcoin’s miner network is already quite large and secure. But more people need to join the Bitcoin economy and hold it and use it if the price is going to keep going up.

Cryptocurrency really can be an investment for the long term in certain cases. You just need to know where to look.


How to choose secure web hosting

There are numerous secure web hosting options, ranging from reliable budget options with few features, to expensive choices that may not be worth considering. Selecting high-security web hosting is a good idea, especially if you’re working with sensitive payment or personal information. 

But not all hosts are transparent about their security practices, which can make your selection process difficult. To help you out, we’ve created a short step-by-step guide to help you choose the best secure hosting provider for your needs.

How to choose secure web hosting: Preparation


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Why is this a great deal? 

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You also have access to free private DNS, allowing you to choose a custom domain name for your nameservers.

With SiteGround, you can transfer your site quickly with its professional website transfer service delivered by their experts. SiteGround also patches against common WordPress-related exploits through its server firewall.

SiteGround is known for being on the more pricey end of the shared hosting service scale but with this deal, its hosting offering falls in line with its competitors, giving you the chance to save big and spend little.


Let Musk and Market, Not Regulation, Fix Social Media Sites – The American Spectator

Exactly what Elon Musk will do with Twitter is currently a bit murky. However, what’s clear from Musk’s efforts to buy the company is that conservatives should stop pushing to regulate social media sites as public utilities.

Some conservatives argue that social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram perform an essential free speech function in our society and have a near monopoly over that function. What’s needed, these conservatives contend, are laws that define social media sites as “common carriers.” As common carriers, social media sites would have to serve all people who wished to use those sites, much as utility companies, airlines and phone companies are required to do. They would be severely limited in their ability to restrict content or suspend users’ accounts. In the last year, Justice Clarence Thomas has endorsed classifying social media sites as common carriers, and Republican Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee has introduced legislation that would do just that.

It is understandable that conservatives want to act against social media sites since they discriminate against the political right.

One effect of passing such legislation would be the establishment of the principle that regulating social media sites as common carriers is a legitimate governmental function. As noted economist Thomas Sowell likes to say, principles take on a life of their own. Eventually, principles manifest in ways that were never intended by those who established them.

When the left is in power, it would undoubtedly target social media sites that conservatives favor, such as Parlor and Rumble. At present these sites are filled with criticism of President Joe Biden. It isn’t hard to imagine the Biden Administration using the smallest violations of common carrier regulations to harass such sites.

The principle would likely also be extended to websites that are not social media sites. GoDaddy and HostGator, for example, are web-hosting sites, not social media ones. But eventually some enterprising lawyer would argue that they should also be open to all comers, since not doing so would limit free speech. While hosting sites would likely fight such regulation in court, it would take years of costly litigation before it could be resolved. And there is no guarantee that it would be resolved in favor of those companies.

It is understandable that conservatives want to act against social media sites since they discriminate against the political right. Indeed, most recently, Instagram suspended the account of Libs of TikTok, an account that exposes the absurdity of leftists. While these companies deny they discriminate against conservatives, Musk’s push to buy Twitter has given the lie to those denials. In the days following Musk’s announcement that he would buy Twitter, many conservative Twitter accounts somehow experienced a very large increase in subscribers. It’s almost as though the engineers at Twitter decided to change the algorithms.

Yet Musk’s bid to buy Twitter also shows that free markets are sufficient to deal with attempts by private actors to stifle free speech. An entrepreneur like Musk sees an opportunity to purchase a social media site and increase its value by opening it up to all viewpoints. Other entrepreneurs have likewise seen that same opportunity and established alternative social media sites that are far more hospitable to all viewpoints. The rising popularity of apps like Rumble, MeWe, and GETTR suggests that there is considerable demand for sites that don’t restrict content.

Musk is showing that there are market solutions to social media sites clamping down on certain types of speech. By contrast, regulation would only ensure more meddling by busybodies on the left. Conservatives should not enable them.

Image: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


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Half of new US entrepreneurs are women, leading a creation boom

Women and minorities have been fuelling the boom in business creation of the past two years in the US.

A survey found that almost half of 2021’s new entrepreneurs were women, a significant uptick from 28% in 2019. And the share of new Black business owners tripled to 9%, according to Gusto, a payroll and human-resource management business.

The findings confirmed similar gains in separate research by web-hosting company GoDaddy Inc. Among the factors behind the surge in female entrepreneurship: child-care responsibilities. With schools and child-care centres still disrupted last year, a growing share of parents — particularly women — started their own business out of necessity.

In the Gusto survey, more than a quarter of female business owners with school-aged children said they created their company in response to increased child-care duties.

A record 5.4 million new businesses were formed in the US last year, according to the Census Bureau, showing that the burst of creation seen in the early months of the pandemic has legs.

While some of the Covid entrepreneurship was born of necessity in the early days after millions of workers lost their jobs, today’s business owners are more likely to be motivated by better opportunities.

Among Black respondents in the Gusto survey, more than one-third created a business to improve their financial stability — a larger share than their White and Hispanics counterparts.

Overall, the study found that many workers are “placing a premium on the flexibility and autonomy afforded by self-employment, and they are quitting paid employment in favour of entrepreneurship.”

The types of businesses have changed as well compared with 2020. About half of new professional-service firms were started by owners who quit their job in the same industry, creating competition for their old firm.

To map out where entrepreneurs are, economists at UCLA Anderson Forecast developed an index of microbusiness activity using data from GoDaddy. At the top of the index was Santa Clara, California. Other highly ranked areas included counties that surround Washington, DC, — where new firms can feed off government contracts — as well as Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York.

While business ownership can be a risky venture, especially in the midst of a pandemic, almost nine out of 10 respondents in the Gusto survey said their company has performed as expected or better than forecast. Still, more than one-in-five have taken on a side job to help cover operating costs.

© 2022 Bloomberg


Youstable.Com The Sensation In The World Of Web Hosting

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India – June 25, 2022 – YouStable has been increasingly trusted as the best web hosting providers in India at affordable prices, more about the company can also be found here: YouStable . 

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Hamilton teen pleads guilty to stealing $48-million in Bitcoin from California tech entrepreneur

Jones first reported the theft to the Los Angeles FBI, who contacted other police agencies. The investigation involved the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its specialized tech-crime team received tips after news of the theft spread in cryptocurrency circles, including in a since-deleted Reddit post rumoured to have been posted by Jones himself.

Hamilton police were contacted in March 2020 after U.S. investigators discovered some of the stolen cryptocurrency had been used to by a unique online gaming name. This purchase led authorities to Hamilton.

Court heard that Hamilton police seized nearly 94 Bitcoin, worth about $2.5 million. Now that the case has concluded police will return the Bitcoin to Jones, said assistant Crown attorney Fraser McCracken.

However, it’s unclear where the rest of the millions in Bitcoin went.

The teen’s lawyer Luka Rados told the court this was a “massive wake up call” for his client.

“There are people online who would think (what he did) was cool,” Rados said, but for the teen it is the source of shame.

The silver-lining is that after his arrest, the teen’s dad returned to Ontario from the west coast, bailed out his son and the ordeal has brought them closer.

Rados said the teen wants to apply his talents to work in cybersecurity.

“This is him growing up,” Rados said, adding that pleading guilty is the ultimate sign of remorse.

Rados called the case “historic” and “novel.” It would have been a complex case for court and there were many possible defence strategies, he said, adding that they could have challenged warrants, made applications under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, called in tech experts, floated the possibility of alternate suspects and argued that the teen was a “dupe or a scapegoat.”

The teen and his lawyer appeared in court Friday by Zoom. Rados gave the court several letters of support from family and a former teacher, highlighting his support in the community and prospects at rehabilitation.

The teen is working to “make things right,” Rados said.

Jones did not provide a victim impact statement, but court heard he will be given access to a report that shows where his recovered Bitcoin was moved. Exhibits in youth court cases are not publicly accessible without a judge’s order.

Jones co-founded DreamHost, a successful web hosting provider, in 1996 with three fellow classmates at Harvey Mudd College, a private college in California. In 2013, he sold his shares, but has been involved in numerous other ventures. He was one of the earliest investigators in Bitcoin in 2010.

Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, is a digital currency that uses blockchain technology that spreads transactions across multiple computers. It’s considered largely secure against hacking, outside of SIM swap attacks where someone scams their way into accessing someone’s phone.

In court Friday one other count of possession of property obtained by crime was withdrawn.

The matter is scheduled to return to court briefly in August to resolve an issue around returning property seized by police. Court heard a substantial number of items were seized when police arrested the teen in Mississauga.

Nicole O’Reilly is a crime and justice reporter at The Spectator. noreilly@thespec.com