Ranovus, AMD to demo Xilinx Versal ACAP with CPO

Ranovus Inc. says it will collaborate with AMD to demonstrate a co-packaged optics implementation of the Xilinx Versal adaptive compute acceleration platform (ACAP) at OFC 2022 in San Diego, March 8-10. The demonstration leverages the Ranovus Odin 800-Gbps CPO 2.0 technology and involves a product design that AMD (which recently purchased Xilinx) is now shipping to customers, according to Hamid Arabzadeh, chairman and CEO of Ranovus.

Ravonus unveiled the CPO 2.0 platform at last year’s OFC (see “Ranovus unveils single-chip Odin Analog-Drive CPO 2.0 Optical Engine for co-packaged optics”). It leverages the company’s Odin analog optical engine designed to scale from 800 Gbps to 3.2 Tbps in the same footprint, thanks to the company’s 100G/lambda monolithic Electro-Photonic Integrated Circuit (EPIC) IP and laser and packaging expertise. AMD requested an implementation with an external laser source, but Arabzadeh said that Ranovus also offers the laser integrated with the CPO die in a single, compact package – which would be useful for conventional optical transceivers, he pointed out. In fact, the company has customers for such implementations, Arabzadeh revealed.

The Xilinx Versal ACAP combines scalar processing elements, vector processing elements, and programmable logic into a single device designed to meet the needs of complex cloud, network, and edge applications. The implementation of CPO is intended to reduce power and cost as well as simplify board routing. The combination AMD is delivering to customers only requires 800 Gbps of I/O, which means only a single monolithic ODIN die; however, the companies have collaborated on a design with two dies for potential future I/O requirements, Arabzadeh said.

“We’re proud of our collaboration with Ranovus that helped achieve record performance levels while at the same time reducing power and overall footprint of the complete solution,” said Dan Mansur, vice president, Adaptable and Embedded Computing Group (the new name for Xilinx) at AMD, via a press statement. “This CPO demonstration highlights the versatility of the Versal GTM SERDES to operate over anything from long-reach copper to directly driving the Ranovus Analog-Drive CPO 2.0 optical engine. Co-packaging Ranovus Odin with Xilinx Versal is a significant advancement which enables data center customers to build highly efficient and cost-effective systems for next-generation workloads.”

At OFC, AMD will be in Booth 5711 and Ranovus in Booth 5917.

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