Technology could lead to the answers for Nashville’s trash woes

Let’s talk about trash.

Although trash is not pleasant to talk about (or smell), for many Nashvillians it’s become an unexpected topic of conversation.

Just in time for the holidays, when trash cans are brimming with discarded fruitcakes and recycling bins are maxed out with hundreds of Amazon boxes, we got word that curbside recycling services would be suspended.

It’s been the perfect storm that would have been hard for anyone to predict. The company that the city contracts with for trash and recycling pickup was already fighting pandemic-related staffing shortages before they ultimately filed for bankruptcy protection this fall. 

Dec. 21 story: Nashville suspends recycling pickup services as trash collection woes sap Metro resources

While they attempt to reorganize their company, Metro has had to scramble to keep curbside pickup services from falling behind. With a limited budget and an old fleet of trucks, this is no easy task. Their only choice is to temporarily prioritize trash pickup over recycling while they work through a plan to get everything resolved.

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