Top 4 Web Hosting companies in Jammu

Web Hosting companies in Jammu

Here you will understand about Top 4 Web Hosting companies in Jammu and Kashmir.


Quick n Host could be a leading supplier of web-presence solutions to any or all Businesses, Professionals, and people. they supply their purchasers with an entire suite of products that facilitate them to determine & grow their online presence.

They are providing internet services to various Govt. Agencies, personal Businesses & Professionals in Countries like Asian countries, Canada, the UK, Malaysia.

 They need huge expertise in their field, that permits the U.S. to produce foremost services to assist their purchasers to scale new heights in their profession/business.

Their core competencies embrace Domain Registration, Website Hosting, Reseller Hosting, website planning, robot Apps Development, Internet Application Development, program improvement (SEO) Services and additional.

Vast experience in website management and best infrastructure has created theirequirTher internet hosting platform is invariably the foremost reliable one accessible. fast n Host empowers over 1000+ websites and offers a comprehensive spectrum of Web Hosting companies in Jammu hosting services.

They have plans from basic to higher, as per your necessities. Initiating their business from a North Asian nation, They tend to spread it everywhere Asian nations furthermore as outside the country.


They provide one of the top 4 Web Hosting companies in Jammu and the most reliable internet Hosting Solutions in Jammu and Kashmir to manage your internet presence. Hosting1 Jammu and Kashmir is a leading internet hosting solutions supplier providing hosting on varied platforms as well as UNIX, Windows, and Java.

Their cheap internet services in Jammu can assist you to host your website on their secure managed server.

Hosting1 Jammu offers a large variety of solutions that conjointly embrace UNIX Reseller, Windows Reseller, Managed Windows VPS, Managed UNIX VPS, Managed Windows Dedicated Server, Managed UNIX Dedicated Server, Self Managed Windows Dedicated Server, and Self Managed UNIX Dedicated Server.

Web Hosting No. one Jammu and geographical area an internet hosting company providing shared internet hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS and dedicated server hosting services in Jammu and geographical area, Jammu likewise as abroad.

The web hosting services at Hosting No. one Jammu and Jammu and Kashmir are effective with 100 per cent Technical Support and 99.9 file server period Guarantee with heroic support.

Jammu and Kashmir Hosting No. one Hosting Services includes UNIX Shared Hosting, Java Shared Hosting, Windows Shared Hosting, UNIX Reseller Hosting, Windows Reseller Hosting, Windows VPS, Linux VPS, Windows Dedicated Servers, UNIX Dedicated Servers, etc.


Since individuals spend most of their time on smartphones, Web Hosting companies in Jammu they tend to see nearly each complete promoting itself on the web through Google, Facebook, Blogs, Youtube, Quora, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat or board games and Clash of Clans, Social Media & alternative Web/Mobile Apps.

These Platforms are wont to generate traffic/users for Leads, Sales, Promotions, Affiliate selling, Sponsored content and Advertising to get revenues for your Websites.

viaENS net hosting company in Jammu helps individuals in learning and fixing their net Platforms so that they will Write, Post, Display, Market, Advertise, Sell, Publish content that they’ll simply manage while not obtaining physically settled anyplace.

It is easy arithmetic. Nearly 350 large integer individuals are exploiting the web. Those World Health Organization area unit mistreatment of the web for their trade is going to be those dominating within the future markets because the responsibility of individuals on the web is increasing.

Evans a community wherever everybody helps everybody. Their work is inclined to assist the individuals of their community to grow.

  • Vincent, by the worldwide trade Standards, handles
  •  They are doing complete Server discovered and management for the website
  • They have Managed WordPress services for web site
  • They provide a Dedicated support team/support centre
  • They do Step-by-step, straightforward to know coaching modules
  • They provide Google, Bing, Webmasters tools discovered
  •  They supply Google AdSense and Affiliate discovery.
  •  They supply Latest themes, tools, templates, Softwares
  • They provide the Most suited Firewalls, Anti- Virus, CDN services
  • They provide Regular update notifications
  • They provide SEO Tips & coaching Sessions

Y2k Solution

Y2K SOLUTION was supported in 2014 which provides managed server hosting solutions and they’re in operation areas are Cloud VPS, Dedicated Server, Load Balancer, Backup & Security inside.

They are happy to differentiate their working style from the others because they never create any confusion about their services like price and plans where so many other providers create a maze.

They understand your real requirement and are happy to work on the same.

They provide 24X7 query support and they never reject any query even on holidays.

They have a fervent admin-level certified support team on the e-mail telephone, Skype cluster, Whatsapp cluster further as period of time dedicated support members along with your Account Manager who will understand your task and all types of issues and deliver a 100% uptime solution.

For your self-knowledge upgrade, they are ready to share their experience by seminar and training with an impressive presentation.

It will produce a positive image in the middle of your workers and additionally it’ll increase confidence and establish whole life engagement for them and affirmative it’ll produce great things for social media platforms.

Presentation By:

  • Blog / Vlogs
  • Remote Session
  • Email
  • Skype / Phone calls

As within the IT industries they’re connected with high-quality platforms like Daily Hunt, Times web (News Point), Google product (google News, Google Question Hub), etc. and they are already providing their services in India and out of India as well like Government Projects, and so many Startups as well.

They are not using any legacy technology, Yes they are only offering the latest high-quality tested resources like:

  • Server Machines: They are using the latest technology server machines with load balancer and backup server as well.
  • RAM: They are using the latest generation RAM to balance data rate and request.
  • CPU: They are using the latest advanced Core/CPU in super server computing speed, performance, compatibility, and reliability to handle multiple processes.
  • DISC: They have the latest disc architecture NVME-SSD for high-speed data transfer.
  • Network: They are using multiple dedicated networks for server uptime.

So enjoy these companies’ services and increase the growth of your business.

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